Vegas Technology

If you consider yourself lucky, then with the popularity of online slot tournaments you can become the best and make a lot of money by taking a small risk.

How slots tournaments are run

Having registered as a participant and with aiming to become the best in the tournament, this how it works;

  • To avoid risking your money, get $1000 by paying an entry fee of about $5 to $30.
  • Set the time that you want to play; this can range from days to minutes and you are allowed to play as long as you are willing to; continuously or playing for several minutes until you complete your time.
  • Purpose to outdo the others in the competition or even be among the best performers in the tournament.
  • Always monitor your performance in the leaderboard and decide when to halt, continue or even quit while you are still at the top.

The Vegas slots software

Vegas technology runs three online casino tournaments; English Harbour, the Super Slots and the crazy slots. By signing as a player for real money, you will be able to play for free and win big prizes in their free roll tournaments.

Winning a prize

Every week, by playing the 1 slot game, you will win a prize if you rank among the best 300 players. The prizes are offered either as ready cash or bonus prize which is paid when you accomplish their set wager requirement. These two funds constitute the prizes with the ready cash having a lower value than the bonus fund. The Vegas Technology also offers other tournaments which you can win big prizes at just a small fee.


Mainly there are several categories in the casinos which offer the micro gaming slots;

  • Sit and Go; this is a tournament that any player registered in the Micro gaming network can play during the day or even during the night. The moment the registration of the least number of players is complete, playing starts right away. Out of 5 players the best two players grab the prize within duration of 5 minutes.
  • Scheduled; this is a tournament available to the players for a given duration of time normally between a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. It's provided for a fee and also for free.
  • Private; this category of tournament is strictly for a given casino's players.
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