Different Classification of Slot Machines

Since the first slot machines were invented, the external appearance has not changed a lot while the inside is absolutely different. Modern technology gave impact to the slots' development and caused the verifying of the machine.

Today the pioneer mechanical 3-reeled slots are known as vintage slot machines and can be seen rather in the museums than at casinos. Of course, it is unreal to find vintage slot machines in online casinos, however, there is an impressing range of slot types, which are divided according to themes, denomination, bonuses, number of pay lines and reels etc.

Varied Themes

The themes are the things that attract players and help to make decision what slots to play. The pictures of slot symbols depend on the theme of a slot machine. Among a wide diversity of themes there are images of celebrities, popular films' and cartoons' heroes as well as the pictures of vintage slot machines, like fruits, bells, horse shoes, hearts etc.

Denomination Variants

Other characteristic of slot machines is denomination or an amount of a possible bet. There are nickel, penny, quarter and dollar slots. Winning tips advise to play the slot that responses the player's budget or he risks to lose all money and finish the game very quickly. However, the higher denomination means the higher payout percentage.

The Number of Pay-lines and Reels

The vintage slot machines had 3 and 5 reels, commonly with one pay-line - the middle row. Today there are slot machines with more than 5 reels and pay-lines up to 25. The more reels a slot machine owns, the more complicated rules are. Most pay-line slots are multiplier, which means the winning depends on the amount of inserted coins. The bigger bet is made, the higher reward can be. In most cases the jackpot is paid only if the maximum bet is made.

Bonuses and Jackpot Features

The modern slots are attractive also for their bonuses. There are bonus and multiple bonus slot machines. The bonus slots offer different bonuses, like free spins, an additional game or extra cash.

Multiple bonus slots give extra reward in addition to the main prize, when the winning combination hits and the maximum bet has been made.

The latest creation of software providers are progressive slot machines that are notable for the amount of jackpot. The progressive slots are connected and have the common jackpot, which is growing all the time with every spin at any of linked slots.

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