Regular Multiplier Slots

The online slots of today make slot machines of the past look ancient. Not too long ago, a single line and three reels were all that was necessary to satisfy slot players. Contemporary slot machine symbols, apart from making patterns, perform versatile functions. Some set off extra gratis games, while others, called scatter symbols, behave like fantastically charged wild symbols. The highest paying cash dispensers - the multiplier slots - are also up for grabs.

Multiplier Slots

Slots with multipliers boast symbols with multiplying functions. These form specific cash dispensing patterns, which then go on to increase the earnings for that particular pattern. A multiplier is not unlike a wild symbol, as it can generate a cash earning opportunity while amplifying its worth. Consider, for example, that you're betting on a multiplier slot where you win 300 coins for lining up 3 bells. Now, let's say you trigger 2 bells plus a 2X multiplier in a line, you will then earn 600 coins.

You don't have to be a genius to come to grips with how multiplier slots operate. A basic calculation will show that these slots can pay out considerable amounts of money, lagging only slightly behind the massive progressive slot jackpots. Besides the multiplier churning out twice the usual amount referred to in the previous example, there are also multipliers kicking out 10 times the original amount! Unlike non-multiplying slots, these multiplier slots essentially present additional options, containing games within games.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

No other casino games surpass the drawing power of slot machines. Having said this, ordinary multiplier slots are getting sidelined by those with greater potency- enter the bonus multiplier. These pay out where the maximum bet is involved (the greatest amount of coins).

So, if you take a chance and you strike the jackpot while playing the highest total of coins on a bonus multiplier slot, the value of the jackpot gets multiplied. For example, let's say you play with 1 coin and you need 3 bells in a row to score a 1,000 coins payout. Now, if you choose to play with the highest number of 3 coins and line up 3 bells, the bonus multiplier slot kicks in with a staggeringly uneven jackpot totaling 10,000 coins.

So, do the math and notice in what a favorable position you are: you receive ten times more than what you initially gave out. This scenario highlights merely one instance in which bonus multiplier slot machines can increase your enjoyment, while adding more opportunities to ensure your victory at the slots. For this reason, multiplier slots remain a great crowd pulling magnet in the online casino game industry. Go ahead, and give multiplier slots a try. Before you know it, you might just be the one cashing in on the big slots jackpot!

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