Microgaming Tournamets

If you are competing in crazy Vegas Casino, there is a promotion going on dubbed "Reel Cruise". The winner cruises on a bout for two and runners up get cash rewards. You play for $800 with a lot of other prizes you can win by paying an entry fee of $50. Also every month Crazy Vegas runs two free entries per week.

How to play

After running the software, on the screens bottom right, click change view. This highlights the tree view mode of the available games in the left side. To access the available options for slots, click tournaments for these options;

  • Sit-and-go; this tournament is available to any micro gaming player already in the network. Whether during the day or during the night you can start immediately so long as registration of the least number of players is complete.
  • Scheduled; this is a tournament that you register in advance using upcoming slots list of tournaments. It starts at a set date and time.
  • Private; this is a tournament that is specifically for Crazy Vegas customers only.

After selecting your option, see the prizes being offered, current standings of players and rules of the game by clicking the tabs in the screen.

Setting time limits

At any particular time you can start playing and there is no stopping the clock whether you have won free spins or even bonus rounds. Therefore buy you time knowing that the time you will play won't be limited.

How to bet

Every time you place a bet, go for maximum to increase your chances of winning a big amount for every spin you win plus the bonus rounds. This way, you don't exhaust your credits and move closer to the leaderboard.

Setting a lasting play option

The "Reel cruise" is set to allow you budget the time you want to continue playing. Like other Micro gaming Slot completions, once your time and coins runs out, it enquires if you want to continue; for a cost of $3 you can continue. To enquire about the added time and coins, click the rules tab. The kind of answer you give when asked will be influenced by your tournament's level and availability of coins.

Successful spinning

When ready to spin, place your finger ready to act. Within the allowed time limit normally 5 minutes for most tournaments, capitalize on making as many spins as you can. You have to click it manually the moment the reels stop.

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