Bonus Slots

The increasing popularity of this particular variation of slot machine makes winning at slots being exhilarating. You get a slot bonus game, for example, every time three cherries appear on the machine. Obtaining free spins is another added benefit - you receive a few additional spins that maximize your chances of making more money. Unknown slot bonus games offer another attraction among many that will leave you amazed (but more on this later).

Wondering where to locate bonus feature slots that offer the biggest thrills? The software makers provide for an extensive mix of entertaining and diverse types of slots. The differences lie chiefly in their visual design and practical use.


Advocated Micro Gaming Casinos are: Prime Casino, Jackpot City Casino, Spin Palace Casino.

Hitman Slot Machine

The crew responsible for designing the Tom Raider video game inspired the creation of the Hitman slot machine. Based on the former, the aim in Hitman involves snagging and executing rogues who keep slipping the clutches of law and order. This game contains a remarkable number of extra bonus items. Apart from gratis spins and complete reel wild card, there are two distinct slot bonus games, for example. Credit goes to video game creators Eidos, for granting a licence to design the astonishing visual layout of Hitman. As a result, Hitman last year became a top-notch slot machine.

Cashanova - Immense Enjoyment

Besides boasting animated graphics display, Cashanova gamers face a narrative filled with surprises. There is Roger Rooster who only wants to land a date with the girl of his fantasies, Henrietta. A bonus game, as well as an opportunity to win heaps of cash, are yours if you can line up three keys. Moreover, the chances to rake in large amounts of money are manifold. Fifteen bonus spins, that could multiply up to 5 times, are yours if you manage to trigger the free spin item. Generally speaking, Cashanova, with an excellent visual animation display, offers immense enjoyment.


The Playtech Casinos to go for: Europa Casino, Casino Tropez, EuroGrand Casino.

Bonus Bears

Naturally, this game is about bears searching for honey. Unearth three beehives and you strike the honey-hunting bonus feature. Be careful to avoid the beehive though, or you risk ending the game prematurely. Extra gratis spins are yours if you can grab three bears. This means simply kicking back and allowing the game a rotation of 15 times with a 3X multiplier - super!

Thrill Seekers

If just 25 pay lines to a slot machine is lame to you, then Thrill Seekers is what you're looking for. Apart from heaps of cash- giving opportunities, extra games and cost free spins, this game features an amazing 50 pay lines. Not only are the animations invigorating, but the ambiance is charming as well. This game is what you've been searching for if entertainment venues and the desire to win appeals to you.

Paradise Dreams

In this RTG game with its paradise isle locale, you have a chance of hitting a bonus game that shells out 1000 times your wager. All you have to get is three islands lined up, and your fantasy turns into real hard currency. Moreover, the woman of your desire awaits you on this piece of paradise. Find her on a pay line and you win twice the amount you've wagered. All of this is available on this thrilling and appealing game.

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