Loose slot machines

Slot machines in different casinos differ in the percentage of coins that they keep. Some have a high percentage while others have a small percentage. Those machines keeping a small amount are known to gamblers as loose.

Loose coin machines

The name loose refers to the fact that the machines will retain a very small percentage of the coins. The reason why they actually retain a small percentage is a marketing strategy used by casinos to encourage gamblers to continue playing.

Managing a loose coin machine

Since everybody is exited and wants to use this machine, you need to know that this needs strategy to survive and win as much. At the speed in which they run, you spent more but also win big.


Gambling is game of strategy and a careful move will guarantee you good returns. In a casino not every machine will be loose of course. Start by thinking as the casino owner. If you were the one deciding on where to place a loose machine, what position could have been ideal for you? By first understanding the thinking behind loose slot machine location, the chances of spotting it will increase. If you want to spot one fast they you need to consider;

  • Look for the quiet place in the casino, this ensures maximum attention. Gamblers don't like the interruptions of machine sounds going on and off.
  • You should never spend much in a specific machine. Play few here and move to the next table.
  • If you would like to influence the players avoid a situation when they are just on the line ready to play. Handle then earlier, later or even during the sessions.
  • If you are using a tight machine, it's only profitable during that period when players feel enthusiastic and winning low won't disappoint them.
  • There is no way you can influence a machine to be loose or tight. They are already programmed to operate that way.

How to choose wisely

If you keenly employ the above tips you are ready for the casino and be in a position to identify a loose machine. You now know which machines to avoid based on their location. Look for that machine that people don't seem to get tired of. Always keep in mind that loose machines will never be anywhere close to a table and most importantly close to the table players themselves.

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