Bonus Multiplier Slots

If playing with small coins on a slot machine is your habit as a slot player then you minimize your chances of hitting the maximum jackpot payout. So, if you want to cash in on the bonus multiplier slots, be prudent and use the highest coin amount. Slot machine players, who understand the difference between reel and video slots, stand a greater chance of increasing their winning sums.

Reel slot machines

In general, reel slots sport just pay lines, plus extra slots for maximizing additional cash. If you want in on the ready money as per publicized payment rates, then it's not advisable to play 1-4 coins on reel slots. You'll only be getting a lesser percentage should you be on target with the jackpot anyway. Should you play with 1 coin, for example, you are likely to receive 100X the starting bet. Similarly, 2 coins give you 200X the wager, 3 coins could get you 300X that, while you may pocket 400X the bet with 4 coins. You stand a chance of making 1000X the initial bet, however, if you put in 5 coins for each spin. This shows, by way of example, the money you'll be forfeiting by playing at the lower margins.

Video slot machines

There are, however, numerous pay lines, sometimes dozens, on video slots. Here players wishing to be in line for the maximum jackpot payout have to take chances on all the pay lines. Also, it has no bearing on the payment if you put more than 1 coin to a pay line. The best bet on video slot machines is 1 coin for every spin on the multiple pay lines. Since casinos like it better that you pull out the stops on stakes with no extra payout, you could take a chance playing 5 coins.

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