Cryptologic Tournaments

If you are one person who is mesmerized by Cryptologic software then your provider has provided you with two convenient versions which will add to your gaming experience. Among the most successful online casinos by cryptologic are the Casino Joy and the Inter casino.

Cryptologic tournaments

To ensure you continue enjoying yourself, Cryptologic has given you two options; a downloadable version called client ant the java version which you play instantly. These software come with different tournaments specifically designed for different games. Among the currently available tournaments they have provided we have; the Euro Roulette, Halloween Extravaganza and Texas Special.

Currently the most favorite one is the Casino Joy which is a complete package for Poker and Blackjack diehards, since it comes with both Texas Hold'em and Blackjack battle in one package. All these tournaments have kept the high, fair, ethical and quality standard that Cryptologic is known for. With their strict procedure when it comes to giving licenses, they have ensured that their integrity is kept.

Other tournament offers

To ensure that they stand out in the casino market, the Cryptologic software also offers other unique games that you won't find in other casinos. These include; Craps, Table Tennis, the 3 reel and the 5 reel Slots, baccarat and several video poker tournaments.

Jackpots you can win

After signing a contract with Marvel Comics, Cryptologic software now proudly present you with six unique ongoing jackpots that you can win anything from $10,000; somebody even won a $414,119.22 jackpot.

Signing up

The process of sign up with Cryptologic is the simplest since what you need to do is open a money account and through postal mail get a pin which you avail when you want to cash won money. This guarantees a safe process free of fraud. In case of anything their reliable professionals and outgoing customer care will always be available to help.

After signing up they provide with up to 98% payouts every time you play at the casinos, after tying all the other casinos, the moment you land in casinos using Cryptologic software, the services they offer will ensure that you won't search any further.

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